Can I host a screening? Where should I host it?
Yes, you can. You can screen in your living room for a small group if you like, or find a local venue that is willing and able to partner on the event. We recommend finding at least one partner, a venue or a group, to help coordinate a robust screening.

Who can I partner with?
We recommend you contact NGOs, community groups, faith groups, libraries and campuses in your area in your area to broaden the interest. NGOs with interest in Latin America, mining, environmental issues, water issues, income inequality, indigenous rights, and many other subjects will find the film has relevance to their work.

What is the cost?
The work to create and exhibit Gold Fever is four years in the making and is ongoing. To support this work and to offset costs, there is a suggested sliding-scale screening fee detailed on the website. Whatever your budget, we want to work with you. We encourage groups to raise the full amount if possible as it is likely to not only broaden interest in your screening by involving more parties, but it also allows us to offer low or no-cost screenings for organizations (particularly in Latin America or mine-affected communities) who may not be as able to raise the funds. We appreciate your support.

Can we have someone associated with the film attend in person or via skype/web?
There are a number of people in the Midwest associated with the project (including the 3 co-directors) who will be available to help attend screenings, as well as cast members, experts and activists all over North America and Guatemala. In addition to encouraging you to reach out to affinity groups and NGOs in your area, we hope to accommodate as many requests for in person attendance as possible. The laws of physics and resource limitations will obviously apply. If you’d like to have someone attend your screening in person, please give us an idea of time, place and budget, and we’ll do our best. Also, we are looking at possibilities for hosting some skype (or similar) opportunities on our website, so look for that!

Does the University fee for screenings include an educational/university library license?
No, but the standard educational license includes a license to show the film, and includes both the theatrical (83 minutes) and lecture/broadcast (55 minutes) cuts of the movie for your ongoing educational purposes. Thanks!

I live outside of North America, can I get a DVD?
We encourage groups outside of North America to utilize the lower cost digital download option. If you require a DVD, note that it is NTSC formatted and may not work on a PAL DVD player.

How do I know what format I need?
Check with your venue host. Screenings at movie theaters, on campus or other large venues can often use BluRay. Home viewing options are sometimes best suited to DVD or download options.

How do I publicize my screening?
You know your community best. Announce the screening through any free events listing services, contact the groups mentioned under the “partners” section, contact local press to discuss why the film is of particular relevance to your area. And of course, you can always post fliers at libraries, coffee shops and other local gathering places.

How long is the film?
There are two version of the film — 83 minutes (theatrical) and 55 minutes (broadcast). The Gold Fever DVDs will be double disc sets, including both versions of the film. Organizers are welcome to use whichever version of the film best suits their event.

What languages are available?
English and Spanish.

Is it suitable for everyone to watch?
The film is not rated, including in the US and the UK. However, we believe the film can be seen by most people. Parents may wish to consider that the film includes discussion and images of violence and other challenging issues.

When do I need to book this by?
Bookings will ship standard mail within two business days. To ensure sufficient time to provide you the film, and to give yourself enough time to promote it, please consider this. Larger screenings will require additional lead time. Express hipping is available upon request, additional charges may apply.

How does the film help with fundraising?
The film’s primary goal is education and awareness, the first steps towards greater involvement. We suggest that you work with our partner organizations if you want to raise charitable funds directly using the film or make a donation after watching the film.